Current Projects

Examining Patterns of Parental Anger in the Pregnancy during the Pandemic Cohort Study

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While postpartum depression and anxiety are recognized as common mood problems during pregnancy and after birth, intense anger (colloquially, ‘mom rage’) is a mood problem that has been neglected in research and is not well understood in connection with other postpartum mood problems such as depression and anxiety. We are analyzing the patterns of parental anger in the Pregnancy during the Pandemic Cohort study (PIs: Drs. Lianne, Gerry Giesbrecht, Catherine Lebel).

We want to:

  1. Determine if there are groups of parents who experience increasing or persisting anger
  2. Examine the risk factors for increasing and persisting patterns of anger

Nighttime Parenting Study

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We are looking to survey all parents who have a baby between 6-18 months of age, including single, adoptive, straight, LGBTQIA2S+ parents who live in Canada. We especially want to know how couples organize nighttime care for their infants and about their sleep and their baby’s sleep and invite parents to participate in a survey and a virtual interview. 

    CIHR Sleep Consortium: Patient Priority Setting for Sleep Health and Equity in Canada

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    We are conducting a series of priority-setting workshops equity deserving groups to create a network of patient advisory groups to identify priorities for sleep research in Canada.

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